SavEach spring a hardy band of 3-400 pronghorn antelope set out from the Green River Basin in western Wyoming. Their destination is the summering grounds in Grand Teton National Park, more than 100 miles away. Why do animals migrate? What drives them to undertake long and sometimes dangerous journeys? What are they looking for? Wildlife photographer Joe Riis and I spent several seasons following migrating pronghorn in western Wyoming searching for answers.

Read the story and see more of Joe Riis’s amazing photography at High Country News or watch the Pronghorn Passage video by clicking here. Published by High Country News, Dec 20112012 Science in Society Journalism Award

“Perilous Passages” received the 2012 Science in Society Reporting for a Regional Audience award from the National Association of Science Writers and the 2012 Knight-Risser Prize for environmental journalism in the West.