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The perilous journey of Wyoming’s migrating pronghorn

Each spring a hardy band of 3-400 pronghorn antelope set out from the Green River Basin in western Wyoming. Their destination is the summering grounds in Grand Teton National Park, more than 100 miles away. Wildlife photographer Joe Riis and I spent several years trying to document this long-distance journey. Link to the article by clicking on the title above or watch the Pronghorn Passage video by clicking here. Published by High Country News, Dec 20112012 Science in Society Journalism Award

“Perilous Passages” received the 2012 Science in Society Reporting for a Regional Audience award from the National Association of Science Writers and the 2012 Knight-Risser Prize for environmental journalism in the West.

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wolfThe ecology of fear

“The story of wolves in Yellowstone has been made true by repeated telling, not by good science. The trophic cascade story is stated as if it is undisputed fact, but it is not. It’s a lovely story, a simple clear one. But in reality, it is more nuanced, more complex, and it may even be dead wrong.” Read the story at WesternConfluence.org.

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Our future forests: Beyond bark beetles

mountain-pine-beetleMountain pine beetles have killed most mature pine trees across western North America. As forests die, what does it mean for the people who rely on those ecosystems for hunting and climbing, for water and timber products, for wilderness and escape? This series of ten short documentary films explores those questions and introduces viewers to the characters who are working to understand and address the changes coming to the forests. Emilene was a producer for this series.