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Illustration of an eagle in green.Make your way through this map of the Endangered Species Act, and learn about the petitioned, listed, and recovered species in Wyoming. Created in collaboration with Wyoming Natural Diversity Database Director Gary Beauvais for Western Confluence magazine.


As markets, demands, and policies change, the energy mix, both in the West and on a national scale, will continue to shift in the coming years. How exactly energy resources will fall onto the map remains to be seen. View the graphic at

In desperate economic times, the U.S. Postal Service threatens to close rural post offices.

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Scientists are working on effective birth control methods for wild animals.

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As the Lake Mead water level drops below historic record lows, the future of the reservoir does not look good.

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Bison recovery efforts are compromised by DNA contamination from 100+ years of crossbreeding with cattle.

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Following introductions to several waterways in Colordao, river otter populations recover.

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