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Article rounding up the history of the North Platte River Basin, which covers the southeast quarter of Wyoming, for Read about railroads, reservoirs and more here.

In this feature published by WyoFile, one Wyoming landowner is unhappy with how the governor designated his private ranch land sage grouse core area, thereby limiting his development opportunities. But others celebrate Wyoming’s core area strategy as the best way to prevent an endangered species listing for the greater sage grouse.

A sidebar to the story, “Clock ticking on sage grouse listing,” looks ahead at ways the core areas idea is spreading across the West and describes how time is running out for western states to prove the sage grouse isn’t endangered.


Blog post about antelope struggling to migrate in the face of extreme weather in northern Montana.

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A new rule clears the way for solar and wind projects on public land.

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As the Crow Reservation suffers floods, a planned energy project sinks away.

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The first in a series of profiles of the four major Wyoming river basins.

Read about the natural and human history along the Green River at

In 2000, Clinton signed the Steens Mountain Cooperative Management and Protection Act to protect the scenic, cultural and historic values on Steens Mountain. Now ranchers are leasing their land for wind development and conservationists are up in arms.

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Advances in animal contraception could relieve pressure on rangelands.

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Mule deer on Wyoming’s Pinedale Anticline are struggling, and the BLM’s adaptive management plan has done nothing to help.

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Researchers hope fungi will control invasive Russian thistle.

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Avalanche warning sign from Teton Pass, Wyo., 2011.

Backcountry skiers complicate slide control for roads crossing snowy, high-elevation passes around the West.

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Secretary of Interior Ken Salazar directs the Bureau of Land Management to put conservation first on lands designated as part of the National Landscape Conservation System. The NLCS sets aside land with special scenic, natural or cultural value, and is, in a sense, the BLM’s answer to national parks.

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The threatened Preble’s meadow jumping mouse gains ground in Colorado.

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Inside boundaries outlined by the Wyoming Range Legacy Act to put a mountain range off limits to future energy leasing, old natural gas leases could let development overrun a favored hunting grounds.

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The EPA postpones strengthening ozone limits to protect public health, and one Wyoming outdoorsman shows how people can suffer without protection from ground-level ozone.

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A conservation compromise fails to stave off lawsuits.

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A federal effort to improve public safety on reservations gets a rocky start.

Written by Emilene Ostlind and John Lancaster/WyoFile. Read the whole story at High Country News.

Conservation groups target Powder River Basin coal in fight against climate change.

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Pronghorn antelope crossing the highway at Trappers' Point in western Wyoming.Migrating pronghorn make a dangerous highway crossing in western Wyoming.

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Wyoming’s strategy for protecting sage grouse is put to the test.

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