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fire“The trees are not just burnt trees,” Northern Cheyenne artist Bently Spang says. “They watched this whole thing happen with my generation and a lot of other generations, so they need to be honored. …My feeling is that that final drawing is their voice, is them telling the story of the fire.” Read the story at


emilene-jolieI’d set myself a turnaround time of 7 p.m., half way between when I left camp to search for water at 5:30 and when I said I’d be back three hours later. In just a few minutes, I would reach that turnaround time. All the springs marked on the map that I’d walked past had been dry. We needed water.

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mountain-pine-beetleIn 2013-14, the Medicine Bow-Routt National Forests hired the Ruckelshaus Institute of Environment and Natural Resources at the University of Wyoming to help them communicated information about the bark beetle outbreak to forest users. As part of my job at UW, I worked with the Forest Service to produce ten short documentary films about the bark beetles. We hired Morgan Heim, who filmed and edited the videos. View the whole series and learn more about the project at