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On the second Saturday of every month, connoisseurs of Scotch whisky gather in remote Atlantic City to sip and discuss. Bob and Barbara Townsend, owners of the Miners Delight Inn and Cowboy Two-Bit Saloon, curate each tasting by drawing from their impressive collection of 77 single-malt Scotches. Read the story at WyoFile.

Joan Anzelmo, former Colorado National Monument Superintendent

The retired Park Service superintendent stands by her controversial decision not to allow a major bike race in the monument, and continues to be passionate about preserving landscapes. Read the conversation in High Country News.

In the spring of 2009, wildlife photographer Joe Riis and I followed the migrating pronghorn through the mountains of western Wyoming in an effort to understand their drive to reach the summer range in Grand Teton National Park. Watch the video at High Country News.

Why do animals migrate? What drives them to undertake long and sometimes dangerous journeys? What are they looking for? I spent several seasons following migrating pronghorn in western Wyoming searching for answers. Read the story and see more of Joe Riis’s amazing photography at High Country News.

Link to an accompanying video here.